Celebrating the past, present and future of the United Kingdom’s Interactive Entertainment Sector

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Welcome to 30 years of play


The 30 Years of Play campaign aims to celebrate the past, present and future of the UK interactive entertainment industry through a range of content, events and activities.

Coinciding with Ukie’s 30th birthday, the campaign aims to tell the stories behind the influential UK video game industry.

It’ll explain how the sector evolved from its informal roots in the 1980s to become the thriving global industry it is today, identify interesting untold stories and act as a home for industry archive materials to help the industry tell its positive story.

It also seeks to shape the future of the industry by encouraging diverse and representative voices to share their stories and inspire the next generation of creators to shape the next 30 years of play.

Check out our content and events below. And to find out more about our campaign, head to our about section.



Stories, documents and video games that shaped the industry



A deep dive into 30 of the most influential UK video games.


Events produced by the 30 Years of Play team.