#MyFirstGameJob: 30 of the top stories about making the first step into the video games business

To celebrate the Digital Schoolhouse Esports Tournament Final – and to tie into a panel at the event about video game careers - the 30 Years of Play campaign launched a Twitter hashtag to find out how people in the video games biz got their big break.

But to be perfectly honest, none of us expected #MyFirstGamesJob to get as big as it did. Over the course of 24 hours, it grew into a worldwide trend that drew in literally thousands of tweets from video games professionals in the UK, US, Europe and beyond. 

If you want to check out the full list of tweets, we recommend diving into the tag on Twitter to have a full look. However, for those looking for a handily curated selection, here are 30 of our favourite tweets from the campaign.

1) Testing times at Sega

2) Mapping Liberty City

3) Staying out of trouble

4) My, haven’t computers gotten better?

5) Rocking out

6) The boss writes in

7) Charity begins in Banbury

8) Jumping (vegetables) into the industry

9) The first of us

10) Crafting a career

11) Promo material raiding

12) Past perfect

13) Graduating with flying colours

14) We all have to start somewhere

15) A Rare old time

16) No license to thrill

17) Sharewaring to success

18) Love at first hire

19) A Fabled process

20) Foreign forays

21) You always get one of these

22) Proof that a tenner gets you nothing nowadays

23) Live on EVETV

24) Sesame Tweet

25) Once a fan, always a fan

26) One MMO job to rule them all

27) ASCII’ing for a job

28) Argus takes care of it

29) Entering the Playground

30) When weasels fly

Want to join in with the discussion? Check out #MyFirstGamesJob on Twitter now.