Best Selling Game Awards

The Awards Ceremony
On the 11th of April, some of the best and brightest of the games industry gathered to celebrate and commemorate the best selling physical games from the past thirty years.

Our shiny - and heavy! - awards

Our shiny - and heavy! - awards

Held at the prestigious Coutts in Central London, the Best Selling Game Awards was the first major event of our campaign. It was an evening of light-hearted festivities and fun, featuring sparkling drinks, canapes, and even piano renditions of famous video game music.

The award winners ranged from home-grown UK developers who achieved massive commercial success, to publishers who had reached over a million copies in the UK alone. With the winning games stretching back thirty years, the ceremony itself was a lively and nostalgic runthrough of some of the most beloved games in the UK - including The ‘Simpsons: Hit and Run’, ‘Tomb Raider’, and ‘Colin McRae Rally’. Of course, it also acknowledged blockbuster modern smash hits as well, such as ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ and ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’.

The ceremony also acknowledged the top forty UK developers by units sold in general. These included a vast array of UK studios who left their mark on the games industry, both domestically and internationally, featuring Lionhead Studios, Rare, Rocksteady, Rebellion, Media Molecule, Gremlin and many, many more.

The Criteria

It’s always interesting to know how an awards show chooses it winners.

The aim for this award show was to have a well-defined criteria for the winners list, backed by numbers. We were generously provided data of physical sales from the past thirty years by our partners at GfK. Partially due to the difficulties in gathering digital sales data, and also as a commemoration of physical sales as the market shifts towards digital, we decided to focus on physical sales alone. The winners were chosen on a single SKU; that is, a single title on a single platform, due to the data that we received.

It was important that we celebrated the amazing achievements of both publishers and developers, reflecting the varied nature of our industry. The winners list was split into two - UK developers, and publishers who sold the most in the UK market. The UK developed games list averaged at 1 million sales and each title had all at least sold 600,000 copies - the requirement for platinum status. The publisher best selling games list included titles which had all sold 1 million each per SKU.

An Ode to the Past & A Look to the Future

Our winners of the night.

Our winners of the night.

Overall, it was a fantastic ode to physical sales and the past thirty years of the UK games industry. From shooters, to action-adventure games; from PC to handheld, there was a wide spread of winners. Once more, it was thanks to our partners at GfK who provided us with the sales data that we were able to reward the winners. The awards were a recognition of the importance of tracking sales, a possible metric which we can use to measure the cultural impact and spread of games. Hopefully, in the future, we may track digital sales the same way, and reward the games companies who have achieved amazing success through digital sales too.

The resulting group photo was a snapshot of some of the biggest names from the past thirty years of UK games. We look forward to seeing what the next thirty years of UK games entails - and what the future snapshot will look like.

You can have a look at the award ceremony slides here.

Grace Shin