30 Years of Indie: EGX Rezzed playing host to panel featuring Weather Factory, No More Robots, Futurlab and Roll7

The 30 Years of Play campaign rolls into its next event in April, with a special panel looking at the history of indie dev in the UK.

The 30 Years of Indie session takes place on 11am on Friday 5th April as part of Rezzed’s Fringe Theatre. 

Our panellists will be asked about their memories of indie games from years gone by, talk about the games they’ve made and how they think independent development has evolved over the past three decades. 

We’ll then turn to the future of indie and have a good old natter about where the scene in the UK goes next.

The brilliant and wonderful people joining the panel are:

-      George Osborn, 30 Years of Play

-      Lottie Bevan, Weather Factory (Cultist Simulator)

-      Kirsty Rigden, Futurlab (Velocity 2X)

-      Simon Bennett, Roll7 (OlliOlli)

-      Mike Rose, No More Robots (Descenders, Not Tonight)

Want to come along and see the fun? You can register for your pass for EGX Rezzed here.


George Osborn