We need you: submit your ideas for The 30 Years of Play campaign

The 30 Years of Play campaign might be a Ukie initiative, but it’s designed for the entire industry. That’s why we’re open to submissions for partner activities, content and event from the industry to support what we’re doing.

We are offering individuals, content creators, events companies, public organisations and other bodies the chance to contribute to our celebration of the past, present and future of our industry with your own activities.

By submitting an activity to the 30 Years of Play campaign, you’ll be able to help us to tell the stories behind our industry, share the positive stories behind our sector and celebrate what we’re doing for the industry.

And in return for your support, we’ll make sure to promote your efforts through our site and share your stories on our content channels.

What kind of activities could fit with the campaign? Well, it could include:

  • Talks and panels at event that touches on the historic nature of the industry.

  • Special episodes of Youtube or podcast series that looks back at our industry.

  • Esports tournaments and competitions based on historic UK releases.

  • Curated exhibits that look at the nature of the industry.

  • And more…

If you’d like to apply to support the 30 Years of Play campaign - and for more details on what we’re looking for - fill out our application form here. We’ll then be in touch within a couple of weeks to get you involved in the campaign.

George Osborn