The AI of Sea of Thieves: episode 1 drops on Youtube

The first video of the four part documentary series ‘The AI of Sea of Thieves’ has now been released, detailing the earliest beginnings of ‘Sea of Thieves’ and the AI behind it.

‘The AI of Sea of Thieves’, created by AI and Games in partnership with 30 Years of Play, is a documentary series exploring the AI systems used to bring Rare’s multiplayer pirate adventure to life on PC and XBOX.

The series will contain the analysis of Dr Tommy Thompson - a leading AI video game lecturer - as well as interviews with the Rare team.

‘Building a Pirate's Paradise - Exploring Sea of Thieves’, part one of the series, is out now. It dives into the earliest days of the game, how the concept behind it emerged and the first steps towards creating the AI that governs it today.

Watch the episode in full below. And make sure to subscribe to AI and Games to see the rest of the series over the coming month.

George Osborn