The AI of Sea of Thieves: 30 Years of Play campaign partners with AI and Games to explore Rare's multiplayer pirate adventure

The 30 Years of Play Campaign is pleased to announce its partnership with Youtube channel AI and Games on its forthcoming documentary series ‘The AI of Sea of Thieves.'

Landing in early March, the four part video series will explore the myriad AI systems used to bring Rare’s multiplayer pirate adventure to life on PC and Xbox One by mixing the analysis of Dr Tommy Thompson - a leading AI video game lecturer - with interviews with the Rare team.

The four episodes will look at:

  • Building a Pirate's Paradise - Exploring Sea of Thieves earliest beginnings, the myriad of AI-driven systems in the game and the challenges of keeping it all from falling apart.

  • Creating the Scourge of the Seas - Examining the skeletons that haunt the islands of the Sea of Thieves and the sharks that prey on unsuspecting players.

  • The making of Megan, Karen and Skevin? - Taking a look at the three big boss enemies of Sea of Thieves: the megalodon, the kraken and the haunted skeleton galleons.

  • Smooth Sailing - How new automation systems built throughout Sea of Thieves life-cycle ensured AI and other gameplay systems could be tested more thoroughly and streamlined development throughout the studio.


“I’m really pleased that our campaign has been able to partner with Tommy on this video,” said George Osborn, the 30 Years of Play campaign manager.

“Tommy’s experience as both a Youtuber and as an expert in the field of video game AI has enabled him to tell a fascinating story about a British video game that we simply couldn’t. We're really excited to see how the industry and viewers respond to the excellent work he’s done and hope it encourages other content creators to come forward with great content ideas.”

To find out more about Tommy’s work, check out his Youtube channel AI and Games here. And if you’d like to submit your own idea for a piece of content, community event or event content for the 30 Years of Play campaign, you can do so here.