Monument Valley: how one poster inspired a BAFTA winning video game


Monument Valley is one of the most influential mobile releases in history. The 2014 game won Apple’s game of the year, a BAFTA and mobile game of the year at the D.I.C.E awards, with its uniquely beautiful, peaceful and accessible mechanics delighting critics. But would it have ever been made if ustwo didn’t put a mind bending poster up in its office?

In this episode of the podcast, Dan Gray, ustwo games’ head of studio, joined us to discuss Monument Valley’s origins: how the idea for the game emerged fringe the company’s unique agency environment, the studio’s aims for the game and what its success has meant for the company as a whole. And yes, he discusses how one poster sparked a company wide conversation that led to the making of the game.

We also speak to video games journalist and presenter Alysia Judge to discuss her recollections of the release of Monument Valley and how it reshaped what consumers expected from independent mobile games.

You can listen to the podcast below on Soundcloud, on iTunes and on Acast/Spotify by searching for 30 Years of Play.