Rome: Total War


The first podcast in the 30 years of play series shines a light on Rome: Total War. The third game in Creative Assembly’s Total War series, Rome represented a major shift in both the series and the fortunes of Creative Assembly, and was a big step in bringing video game culture in line with other media types.

In this episode, we chat with Al Bickham, Studio Communications Manager at Creative Assembly, to contextualise Rome. We talk about how Creative Assembly grew, where the Total War series emerged from, how Rome made major changes to the Total War formula and what it meant to for the future of the studio.

We also caught up with Chris Bratt from People Make Games to talk about how Rome was used in British TV series Time Commanders to bring the biggest battles of the classical era to life for a new audience of viewers.

You can listen to the podcast on Soundcloud below.

George Osborn